Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grateful, Day 8.

11/08/2011  I am grateful for a healthy family.  If you read blogs, you know the power of words.  You know that you can get emotional over a sentence, or the story of a stranger. 

-About a year ago I sobbed for a week as a read the blog of a family in Chapin that, on an ordinary weekday...headed to pick blueberries, lost both children (the same ages as mine) in a car wreck.  I sobbed as their father blogged about how he used to get frustrated when they would be jibber jabbering in the back seat and he shared that he would give anything just to hear their little voices in the back seat again.  I was inspired by his great faith.  His story will never leave me.  It still pops in my head when I get frustrated on a car ride and it brings me back to what's really important.  I pray for them every June.

-I had a lump in my throat last Christmas when Edie's house (Life in Grace) burned to the ground and I thought about how horrific it would be if we lost all of our earthly things.  I rejoiced with her as she thanked God that her beautiful family was all safe, not even a single hair singed.  I've followed her on her journey of rebuilding and witnessed her enormous faith.

-I mentioned Ashley at Lil Blue Boo a few posts ago.  Yesterday she wrote:

And then the dreaded butt shot…..they can’t fit it all in one syringe…..so I have to get two (one in each cheek). All I repeat to myself is: at least it’s not Boo, at least it’s not Boo. They can do anything they want to me as long as it’s not Boo that has to go through it….I’m so super thankful it’s me. Thank you God for choosing me.

Ashley is going through chemo...a little piece of hell on Earth...and she gives another example of her great faith in thanking God for choosing her to go through this and not her daughter.  Can you imagine?! 

I'm grateful to read stories of others that make me not take my own health, and the health of my family, for granted.

I'm grateful for a good cry. 


Missy Talbert said...

I read her blog too & the "Thank you God for choosing me" struck me as well. I can't imagine.

alecia said...

Thank you for another insightful, tender post. I'm grateful for a healthy family, too, and...especially grateful for a new baby on the way! Due in June. It took a long time, and I feel so blessed.