Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Expectant Mothers...

I absolutely LOVE the post To Expectant Mothers:  A Warning over at Power of Moms.  I have to say that all of the things Becky talks about are SO true...even after your third child.

We love to laugh at Lucy's sweet faces she makes.  We ooo and ahh over every little sweet grunt and coo she makes...awake or asleep.

I take her picture ALL DAY LONG.  It's just so EASY with my iphone...and I agree with Becky that even though I take a ton, none can capture how stinkin' cute she really is.

I love how JB interacts with our newborns.  He loves to cuddle with them.  He speaks so sweetly to them.  They sleep on his chest every evening.

...plus he's a master burper!

I love watching Jay and Betsy and how they mimick us.  Every day their first question is "Where's Lucy?"...I love that.

I snuggle and sniff and rub her fuzzy head and give her kisses on her sweet neck and cheeks until she's annoyed.  Jay loves to do this too.  (JB tells us to quit, but we can't help it.)  I love the smell of her breath and her little wrinkled neck.

When I think of her growing up I want to cry.  When I think of "unloved" babies I want to cry.  Everytime she grows out of a sweet little outfit I want to cry.


Just Stay Little.

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