Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well, I made it to Day 16.  It's not that I couldn't think of eight more things that I'm thankful for, I just got busy...or lazy...whichever.  Growing up when we used to do things half-way my dad would say..."I'll give you a 50 on that."  I guess I'll give myself a 66%.  :)  Or if this list counts I'll give mysef a 100! :)

1.  Glasses/Contacts.  I'm severely nearsighted and without you I wouldn't be able to function.  Plus, I would be a creepy old lady before my time asking kids to come closer...holding their chubby faces in my I could look at them.

2.  My Car.  We do a little car dance every time I roll over a "mileage milestone".  Not too long ago I hit 150k.  Woohoo!  Three-fourths of the way to my "goal mileage" and you are still reliable!  I'm also grateful for no car payment...another reason we dance!

3.  My son.  I had an earlier post about being grateful for my daughter.  Can't forget about you!  I am grateful of the mother-son bond that we have.  There is nothing more sweet.  When you were a baby and we rocked and sang "Wagon Wheel" I thought about how that would be a sweet song for us to dance to at your wedding.  Is that weird?  It was that moment when I started praying for your future wife.  I hope we will be great friends.  I am also grateful for the father-son bond you fill for JB.  You mimick EVERY move of his and I know that makes him so proud.  It also makes him VERY aware of the example that he sets for you.

4.  My husband.  Where do I start?!  You are amazing.  You make me laugh till I pee.  This past Father's Day the kids and I put together a picture book about you and them.  Wow, it was incredible to see all of the fun they have with you (and me!  Who was taking the picture? :) ).  They are SO blessed.  Our parenting styles are very similar and we are a United Front...This means the world to me.  You pick at me about all of my crazy "family time", but deep down I know you love it...and sometimes you even thank me for it.  This summer when I was filling in some frames in our room I asked you if it should be just us or the kids...You said "Just us.  We see them all day...I don't want them all over the walls of our bedroom too."  I laughed and laughed over this and I loved this comment because, in a way, it was telling me that I'm still your number one.  Which is great for us...and them!

5.  My job.  I complain about you some.  Sorry about that, but work is WORK!  All in all I am very grateful for you.  I'm glad I have a job and I'm glad it is one that gives me flexibility.

6.  Jay's school.  Public schools get a bad wrap.  I'm thrilled that Jay was able to start at a school that is really trying to make a difference in children.  Each week I'm thrilled about the GOOD you are really trying to instill in my child...while having fun!  I have been so pleased at how the children are setting reading goals so they can really "own" their reading.  The "thankful" worksheets that poured in at Thanksgiving were wonderful and really focused on their blessings!  This week in the newsletter it mentioned that school-wide the children are learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey.  You know me and a self-help book...I love this!  Last week there was a school-wide Macarena where the song was played over the loud speaker as the kids danced in the halls.  How fun is that?  You are awesome!
7.  Betsy's school.  She has been home a good bit with me lately due to you not opening on time.  It has made me realize what a challenge it is to get my work done when she is here.  It is not fair to me or her.  It has given me a whole new appreciation for you.  I'm grateful that she has a safe, loving place to go to in the mornings and Betsy and I hope you open SOON!

8.  Family.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.  I'm grateful for each one of you.  We have a REALLY great time together and I'm SO blessed to have each of you in my life.

Lastly, I'm grateful for "365 Grateful".  This was so fun and really made my November special this year.  In my daily quiet prayer time I'm adding you...Just a quick sentence of what I'm grateful for makes me happy and helps me remember to thank God for my many blessings!

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Brantley said...

Love it! And as for #3...I have been wanting to add to my list of "Reasons Having 3 Boys is Good" that I will get THREE mother-son wedding dances! Yay!