Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Calendar II...

Brantley just emailed me about a free Live Nativity in Gilbert.  Love it!  Don't you just love it when friends know you so well that they know exactly what you would want to add to your calendar?!  Thanks Brantley!

One thing I meant to mention in my first post is that in addition to the "giving" aspect of December, we are also deliberately going to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

(Stolen from Polar Express)  For example, tonight when we put up our tree we are going to talk about how the tree is a beautiful symbol of Christmas, but the true spirit of Christmas (Jesus) lives in our hearts.

I have also devoted a whole night to putting out the manger scenes...on their own...after everything else is up...the best for last...the stars of our Christmas decorating show! :)

What are some things that you would put on your Family Christmas Calendar...I'd love to hear your ideas!

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