Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do we LOVE? (even in the morning)

Our new commandment:  LOVE one another. (John 13:34)

Between the time JB and Jay kiss me goodbye and the time I force my feet to hit the floor there is a 30 minute window...In my opinion it is my "very best sleep" period and I'm determined each morning to enjoy it. 

The problem with this is...10 minutes in, Betsy gets up to see the boys leave.  She likes to stand at our bedroom window and see them off...smiling and waving.  (I'm sure it MAKES their morning, but it doesn't do much for mine.)

In this one 20 minute period (The first 20 minutes of my day)...I'm not as joyful as my little angel.  After I hear her "send-off" the boys, my eyes still closed, I hear her little feet coming toward me.  I feel her staring at me.  She turns on my bedside lamp.  I thrash around like a teen being woke up early on a Saturday.  Gruffly, I ask her to please turn off the light and invite her to lay down with me quietly for 17 min (Yes, now we are down to 17 precious min).  She starts in with the chatter.  "I'm not tired.", "Will you read me a book?", "I'm ready for my bath.", "What are we having for breakfast?"

This morning, still gruff, I told her (as I do most mornings) to "Please leave my room until my alarm goes off!"  She doesn't like my tone.  I hear her little feet leaving the room.  The hall light goes on...she sets up camp right outside my door doing something...singing while she plays.  I roll over least she's not right by my bed.

When my alarm goes off I slowly sit up, rubbing my eyes...rummaging for my glasses. When I open my eyes, she's there...with a BIG smile, "Look what I drew for you while you were sleeping!"  I pause and take it all in.

I thank her, hug her and ask her to get that book she wanted me to read so we can cuddle up and read it...

That simple picture made me feel so loved and also filled me with questions.  I took it as a "God moment" that I could be doing better. 

When and how do I show love? 
Do I show love first thing in the morning? 
How do I show love to my family throughout my day? 
How can I be better?

A twist on 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7  Do we LOVE?

I am patient and kind (even in the morning).
I am not jealous or conceited or proud.
I am not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable (even in the morning).
I do not keep a record of wrongs.
I am not happy with evil, but am happy with the truth.
I never give up; and my faith hope and patience never fail.

I'm going to do better.  I need to frame that little heart picture by my bed as a daily reminder...because I'm sure tomorrow, when I live my "Groundhog Day" morning over again, I'll need a reminder.

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