Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's a "sunroof day"!

After 4 days of is gorgeous!!! 

My sunroof broke a couple weeks ago.  I had left it on "tilt" in the garage and one of my little monkeys climbed up and sat on it. 

"Why was your child climbing on your car?" you may ask.

I asked the same question.

While my car was in the shop I found out that use of the sunroof is not common.  Justin's boss asked him, "She uses her sunroof?...You are actually paying to repair it?"...A coworker said, "I opened mine when I bought my car to see if it worked, but not since."...My dad said "I don't think I've ever opened my sunroof.  I wouldn't even know if it worked."


One of my simple JOYs in life is riding around on a pretty day with my music up, my windows down and my sunroof OPEN!

It takes me back to when I first started driving...wind in my hair...back roads...singing "One Week" with friends at the top of my lungs...not a worry in my head!

Today it is the same effect.  A calming, FREE, feeling.  The only difference is that instead of a car full of friends...I'm singing "Colder Weather" with a 3 year old...her curls blowing in the wind...not a worry in our heads!
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I pick her up from school and she says, "Let's open the windows Mommy.  It's a sunroof day!"

That's my girl!

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Missy Talbert said...

The Tercel had a sunroof?!?