Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's easy to get wrapped up in all of the problems our generation of kids will deal with.  But there are positives too...Are we not blessed that our kids are growing up in a generation with examples of love, not hate?

Last Wednesday after school...

Jay:  Mommy, today we learned about a man who was a "leader for the right" like you tell us to be.

Me:  Oh really?  What did you learn?

Jay:  We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.  He told people not to fight, but to love each other, and he got shot for it.

Me:  Sometimes when you are a "leader for the right" not everyone agrees.

Jay:  Yeah, but he was right.  Even though people are different on the outside, they are the same on the inside.  We are like eggs.

Me:  Eggs?

Jay:  Our teacher showed us a brown egg and a white egg and we had to vote if we thought they were the same or different on the inside.

Me:  That was a great example!  How did you vote?

Jay:  I won!  I said that even though they are different on the outside, they are the same on the inside...just like people.  When she broke the eggs I was right!

Me:  Very good!  Wow!  You learned a lot today and you are exactly right.  God made us all very different on the outside, but, inside, we are all very special to Him.


Heidi said...

GREAT analogy!! Jay is such a sweet soul!

Johanna V. said...

Love this. Jay is such a sweet boy.