Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few pics from our Easter weekend...


Ready for the Egg Hunt at Bet's School

A zoo trip with friends...This "photo session" was a DISASTER.  Funny thing about it...while all the "big kids" were being wiggly, Sweet Tripp is patiently posing and smiling in ALL of my shots!  What a sweet boy!
Mason and Jay on the rock wall.

Tara was really proud of Jay for choosing to ride on the tiger!

Sweet Duncan's first zoo trip!

Easter egg hunt at the McCarty's.  No time to be still for pics...These kids were on a HUNT!

Best I could get of the girls...Pretty sure they had mouthfuls of candy!
Games at our church's Easter Party.

More games!

Another hunt!

The bounce house was a nice surprise!


An amazingly GREAT group shot (considering there were +/- 40 kids)!  The hunt was at a parishioner's house that just turned 99!  It was SO sweet of her, and her family, to have us all over for festivities and picnic-in'!  It was a FUN event!

Easter egg decorating...

...with Cookie!

The release of the butterflies!  The kids have watched caterpillars grow into butterflies at our Wednesday night program.  Like the tomb, the cocoon is now EMPTY!

We added some flowers from our yard to the cross.

The family in our Easter best...Isn't that cross just gorgeous?!

Uncle Bart with me and the kids.  (The Easter Bunny brought both kids their very own devotional Bibles.  (Click on link:  These devotionals are so sweet!  I highly recommend them!  AND the whole "God's Little Princess" book series.)  I was so pleased with how excited and proud they were of them!) 

Cookie and Bet with their matching Easter head flair!  Betsy's little squinty face here is too funny.  I love that little girl SO much!

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Johanna V. said...

Love all those pictures. You're building such a beautiful life for them! Miss y'all.