Thursday, April 26, 2012


Betsy has been doing the "button lesson" at school.  At her school four-year-olds are trusted with needles and scissors and are sewing buttons on little scraps of fabric.  It is truly remarkable what little people are capable of!  I'm constantly amazed by their lessons.  She has been SO proud of this new have I!

So inspired by Betsy's button lesson, Tara's Post, and these MJ pants I dolled up some leggings with big white buttons (which I already had in my sewing box!).  I pretended to have Betsy "teach" me (although I really DID need a refresher since I haven't sewed a button in a LONG while!) and she talked me through all the proper steps.

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Tara said...

Very cute! I love those leggings...and I love looking at buttons so I had to practice some self control not to keep making more and more for Ruth Ann! I also have those MJ pants...maybe that's what inspired me in the first place!