Friday, May 4, 2012

Car Seats...

The purpose of this post:  Just because you are expecting a third doesn't mean you have to sell the sedan and buy a van!  How can you make it work?

So in August my back seat will be 3-wide with car seats.  One comment I've been getting is "So, when are you getting a van?"

  • I've totally warmed up to the idea of a Swagger Wagon.
  • If someone gave me one/or I won one, I would NOT turn it away.
  • If I'm in a van I definitely get "van envy".
  • MOST of my neighbors have vans.  When we moved in, some friends came to visit us and their son Spencer said, "If you live in this neighborhood, do you have to get a van?"
...I'm not giving up on Cammie (my Camry) quite yet.  She's got some spunk left, gets fabulous gas mileage and is paid for!  JB and I are on track to reach big DR goals this year, and I'm not about to set us back out of "want" instead of true "need".  Especially since instead of "gazelle" speed, we've reached our goals more at "goat" speed. :)

So, where do you go with random questions?...Google!...There I found an answer to my search:  three car seats in a Camry.  I found post after post and the Radian car seat was a common theme.  The Radian has a very narrow base and a 5-point harness, which allows the seats to be extra close because the kids don't have to reach down between to buckle.  So instead of buying a new car, we had my car detailed :) and bought two Radian car seats.  Since this change, I've been obsessive with keeping my car clean and neat (which is VERY unusual for me!) and I must say it makes me and Cammie even better friends.  Now if I can just get to cleaning out the trunk...

When ready, these will be side by side and the baby-seat will be on the end.

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