Monday, May 14, 2012

Me and You...

Thought I'd start off with some tears in case you haven't seen this one.  This preggo mom about lost it!

sniff, sniff...So...I had a big day Friday...I was fortunate to attend two very special Mother's Day programs.

Jay's class sang a really sweet song and each of the children read a paragraph they wrote about why they love their mom.

One thing I found interesting was that not a SINGLE child said they loved their mom because she BUYS them THINGS, takes them on TRIPS, DRAGS them to multiple organized sports...etc.  I did a similar exercise with Jay's Sunday School class yesterday, and the result was the same.

All of the responses were ACTS of love...and many of the boys responses were related to food (I guess "the way to a man's heart"...starts early!).  Examples...
-I love my mom because she plays games with me.
-I love when my mom spends time with me at the zoo.
-I love when my mom rides bikes with me.
-I love my mom when she makes me macaroni and cheese...or "steak, broccoli and chicken"...or spaghetti.
-I love my mom because she reads books to me.
-I love when my mom paints my nails.
-I love when my mom holds me and hugs me when I'm hurt...

As mothers, the responses of these little people show us that all the "extras" that we THINK may matter to our little ones really don't.  When it comes down to it they just want US.  Like newborns...what matters to them is for us to spend time with them, feed them, comfort them, hold them and love them.  

It's that simple.

I have heard many wonderful things about the "Mother's Day Tea" at Montessori schools.  It is a really BIG deal and a very special event for the children and the mothers.  Usually it is for 5 year olds (I was very disappointed when Jay didn't get to do one last year since he wasn't 5 on Mother's Day).  At Betsy's new school there are only a few 5 year olds, so the 4 and 5 year olds got to participate.

It was yet another example that if you expect more out of your children, they will EXCEED your expectations.

Betsy met me at the door and led me to my table.  The children decorated and set the tables all on their own.

The table looked beautiful! 

The children made our plates and served us.

After bringing our food.  They poured our tea, complete with sugar and cream!

They sang several cute songs and then recited long poems in pairs (Will try to upload Betsy's in the next post).  The finale was them singing Kenny Chesney's "Me and You", with their little thumbs pointing to themselves when they said "me" and their little pointers outstretched to their moms when they said "you".  Not a dry eye in the room!  I will never think of that song the same way again!

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