Friday, May 4, 2012

Produce and Ice Cream...

One of my favorite things (and my friend Missy's!) about the baby website I used with Jay was that each week it compared the baby to the size of some type of produce.  I was so excited this week to see an update in my "I'm Expecting" app that added this exact thing!  I've really been missing it!  FYI, this week, Week 25, baby Lucy is the size of a zucchini! (Last week was a grapefruit, next week is an eggplant.)

Speaking of produce (which I need to be better about working into my diet), I'm getting really close to having to take my glucose test.  I guess, considering that I had ice cream 3 times yesterday, that means I'll have to watch my sugars a few days before!  My former boss is hyperglycemic and he was really helpful in telling me what foods to avoid before my sugar-test with Jay...I'll have to email him for a refresher!

I spent last weekend in Charlotte with dear friends and, as always, we had a fabulous time!  What could be better than shopping in IKEA with friends?...

...Shopping in IKEA with friends while eating $1 soft-serve frozen yogurt cones!!!

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