Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lake Fun...

We bought a boat in March.  We love it!  It's such a great place for us to spend time together as a family.  We were saying the other day that we shouldn't have waited this long.  I'm glad we did though because the wait makes us appreciate our new toy all the more!

I'm very patriotic.  "The Fourth" has always been my favorite holiday...even before I had a July 4th baby.  Growing up, our family vacations were always during that week and I've been blessed to see Independence Day celebrations in most of America's greatest cities.  I get goosebumps during The Star Spangled Banner, tear up when the choir sings patriotic songs at church and LOVE a red/white/blue color combination.  That being said...One of my favorite things I've noticed about being out on the lake is the patriotism.  Whether on boats or on lake houses there are American flags everywhere!  I think it is because there is something about being so small and riding around in that big water, the wind blowing your hair, God's beauty all around you...You feel truly free.  That feeling of freedom makes me thankful and proud to live in America.

These three are pretty thankful too!

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