About This Blog.

On The 1st of May, 2011, I turned 30.

Since college I have plugged along with my career, unsure if I was moving in the right direction.  Throughout, I have always said, "If I'm not feeling fulfilled at 30, then I'm changing directions."

At a Power of Moms retreat in February 2011, I reflected on my purpose, my life, my family, my job...

As a young girl I had always wanted to be a mom...I played with dolls, I carried babies on my hip whenever possible, I babysat, I kept church nursery, etc.  My kids were growing...FAST!...and I realized that I had already known what I wanted to be when I grew up...and I was missing it!  I decided that for me, to find balance, I needed less work, and more "mom" time.  This would mean fighting for a flexible schedule and simplifing many things in my life. 

I came back from the retreat and made a case to my employer for a part time position.  On The 1st of May, 2011 a part-time job for me became a reality.  I'm here to share on my life since that choice.
  • The 1st of May in many countries is International Workers' Day.  It commemorates the fight for the eight hour work day.  For me, The 1st of May reminds me that I had a different kind of work day to fight for.  A work day where I can choose to use my education and talents in the mornings and then choose to be with my children after school to nuture, teach and love (See Family Motto).
  • Another 1st of May reference is circus clown lingo-A term also used in the carnival, meaning a novice performer in his first season on a show. Shows used to leave winter quarters for their opening spot on the first of May, and there are always some new workers hired on the first of May who have never worked shows before.  Since I am working half of the time that I was and am doubling the time with my children, this is also appropriate.  Many days it IS a circus show around here, and even though I have lived five years with children under my roof, some days I feel like a novice.  I am learning so much.