Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Girls.

I read this post today from Play With Your Family.

It linked me to this post.

Oh, how I needed to read this article!  It made me see so clearly how I have been handling cute little Bet all wrong.  She has so many talents, but so often what gets her compliments (from outsiders as well as me!) is her cute hair, cute clothes and cute expressions.

A result is that she's been quite a sass!...Pretty much three going on sixteen!

When I really think about who I want her to become...Do I want her to be noticed for her hair, clothes, sassiness?  Absolutely NOT! 

So why am I doing this?!  I really need to deliberate on what her real talents are and make sure I compliment her on those instead.


Mandy said...

Just found your blog, and wanted to say thank you for linking to mine in the deliberate mothers blogs. I love to find other deliberate mothers and Power of Moms fans! Very inspiring! I love your title too! The story behind it is awesome!

Johanna V. said...

The blog looks great, Sal! I read this article a couple of weeks ago, and it really made me think too. Looking forward to reading your posts.