Thursday, July 28, 2011


The best things in life are free!

There is a field near our house that we pass every day. It is typically planted with corn and we don't give it much attention. However, this summer it was planted with SUNFLOWERS! Unfortunately the heads faced east and the road was on the west, so the flowers seemed bashful.

That didn't stop us! We took a family adventure...complete with camera and march out into that field. It was SO worth it. Sometimes views of nature are just so pretty I can't stand it. And when you point them out to children they can't stand it either! How could they?  The flowers were as big as their little heads and there were MANY little bee friends to look at up close and personal.
I love how a simple walk into a field can spur so many conversations like...
  • God gives us pretty flowers for us...and enjoy.
  • These sunflowers were a type that faced east to greet the sun.
  • The bees are there to take nectar that they will use to make honey.
  • Our four sunflowers in our garden did not grow because birds ate the seeds too early.
  • When these flowers dry up they leave behind the sunflower seeds that you buy in the store.
  • The bees won't bother us while they are long as we don't bother them...

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