Friday, July 29, 2011

This Week...

It's been one of those weeks that I want to turn back time...No matter what, "He is growing up!!!"

Monday:  Jay brought his first READING assignment home! (More on this later.)

Tuesday:  We bought school supplies. {Fun!}  I told Jay to color a picture to stick on the front of his binder.  He drew his new school...Since he usually seems to draw the whole family in every picture he draws.  I said, "Where are we in the picture?"..."Mommy, see how the windows are colored in...I'm inside

Wednesday:  We are playing Candy Land.  I scoop Bet up on my lap.  She says, "Mommy.  I don't want to sit on your lap right now.  I'm a BIG girl."  (Justin said I looked like I had been slapped....Please Bet, not THIS week.)

Thursday:  I go and fill out all appropriate paperwork to officially enroll my first born in KINDERGARDEN!  Complete with paying for school lunches, buying school t-shirts and getting his home room teacher.  I walked out of the gym with my head spinning, my heart beating FAST and my mouth dry.  Who is starting school, me or him?!

Thursday {night}:  I hop on my laptop and scroll through pictures of Jay through the past five years.  When people tell you that the time passes quickly...they are SO spot on.  Wasn't I just bringing home a newborn?!

On a brighter note, although I don't want him to grow up...he's handling all of this beautifully (obviously better than me).  And sometimes he says things that make my inflection of "He's growing up!!!" turn into a much more calm and proud..."He's really growing up."  Example:  A couple of weeks ago he said "Mommy, I have a really good idea.  How about we put a box in the house for others.  When we are finished with a toy that we don't want anymore we can put it in the box to go to other children that don't have any toys."  Hence our "Love Others" box was born.

Jay, although my palms are sweaty for you heading to "big school", I couldn't be more proud of the person you are growing up to be.

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