Monday, August 1, 2011

The Best Part of Your Day...

Prior to my new schedule when I would pick my kids up and ask them what the best part of their day was so far and they would almost always say, "You coming to pick us up!".  Brushing it off I would smile and answer..."Well, you know what, that's the best part of my day so far too!"

Reflecting back on those words I realize now how much that one little phrase stung.  It wasn't that the kids didn't like their school and it wasn't that they weren't doing a million fun things that day, but by 5:30 {like me} they were just plain tired and {like me} they were just focusing on one thing...getting home!---I also hate to admit that there were some days when sweet Jay would be asleep by the time we got 1 mile down the road! 

Whew, what a difference three hours makes!  Now when I pick them up they babble on and on the whole way home about their day. 

Remembering clearly our prior pick-ups...I'm not numb to their babbling...I treasure each ride home and hang on to every word.

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alecia said...

Do I comment on every post? I loved this one, too. You are such a wonderful mom! Thanks for the inspiration.