Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sometimes-getting to the beach-is no day at the beach...

Picture this...
Swimsuits are clean and ready for wear (me).
Towels have been washed and packed into bags (me).
Lunches are made (me).
Snacks are packed (me and JB).
Coolers are packed with drinks for all (JB).
Sunscreen is put on every inch of everyone (JB).
We load the golf cart (JB).
We ride to the beach.
We unload the golf cart (me and JB).
I'm saddled down with the beach bag and two chairs.
Justin has the cooler, three umbrellas and more chairs.
We have about 100 steps to reach our spot.
It is HOT.
The sand is HOT.
We know it will be a FUN day when we get to our spot...but getting there seems HARD.

We have told the kids that they will carry their beach toys.  Jay has his two boogie boards in tow and here is Bet.

She stops mid-way.  Refuses to go any further.  The days before we had made a game of how many steps it would take to get there, but nope...that wasn't working today...she knew how many steps and she didn't want to take them.

...To any beach patrons who may have thought I was "Mommy Dearest" for telling this cute little thing pretty much ALL of the ABOVE to encourage {guilt} her to carry her toys down the beach...get over it!

Having her carry her toys is reasonable.  They are not heavy and it shows her that she is part of this family. 

Lessons can be taught-even on vacation!  As a family, we must all work together BEFORE we can have FUN.

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