Monday, August 29, 2011

Schedules (part 2)...

Thank you for your comments on the last post.  I've decided to leave the morning bed making to the kids...the kids do a decent job and will get better with practice...I may straighten up a little after the fact, but y'all have inspired me to not give up on them.

I love the idea to take the mail vertical.  I'm on the lookout this week for folder holders and cute folders!  I already have a HUGE bulletin board in the laundry room as "command central" for school schedules and calendars...beside of it will be the perfect place for the "mail station"!

15 minutes downstairs (mornings)

Okay, so after my 15 minutes upstairs  I head downstairs for 15 more minutes (cue timer!).
-Start the washer with the clothes I brought down.
-Open the blinds.
-Straighten pillows and make sure coffee tables are clear and wiped off.
-Shake out tablecloths or change them (if needed).
-Windex windows (if needed) and sliding glass door (ALWAYS needed).
-Start/Unload dishwasher (except silverware-Bet's chore)
-Wipe down counters and appliances with a soapy cloth.
-Wipe down powder room sink (if needed).
-Change powder room towel (if needed).
-Clean powder room toilet (if needed).
-Water porch plants.
-Take inventory of paper towels, toilet paper, Glade Plug-ins, dog treats, detergents, soaps, etc.

Up next...Afternoon schedules with the kids (including Manners Mondays).


The Talberts said...

So I've been anxiously awaiting part 2 of your schedule. Love the timer idea and excited to implement this...I love how much I can accomplish when I don't piddle! I was telling Ben about it & he thinks it's crazy...but I bet his butt would get a lot more done if I timed him :)
So when do you fit in vacuuming, mopping, changing linens, etc?

The Talberts said...

PS I bet JB LOVES your new system!

Johanna V. said...

Love, love your "manners monday"---great idea and your description was so vivid.

By the way, Annie started cleaning her sink every morning after she & JM brush their teeth. I got one of those little brushes with a handle and a little spray bottle she could use. So far, so good. Bye, bye toothpaste all over the sink all the time.