Thursday, August 4, 2011

The faith of a child.

Betsy has had an ear infection that is lingering.  We are on our second round of antibiotics.  The ear has been oozy and stinky (gross!).  This convo went down the other night...

JB:  "If it doesn't clear up, we may just have to cut this ear off."

Bet: "That's okay.  I have another one."

JB:  "What if we had to cut the other one off too?"

Bet:  "Jesus would grow my ears back.  He can do anything we ask him to."

Don't you just love it when children sneak in little reminders of faith?!  Bet sneaks in sweet little reminders all the time. "God shook his head the day he built her...oh, but I bet he smiled."-Lee Brice  What a blessing she is in our lives!

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