Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blog colored glasses (Part 2)

So a tasty Valentine's dinner with these two ruffians (in "comfy" attire)...

and "heart" cookies that turned out like big blobs:

What was my one "blog moment" of the day?  Well, let's slip these "glasses" back on...

On our way back home Thursday, Cammie's dry-heaves turned into straight up convulsions.  There was a bad wreck earlier in the day and traffic was terrible all over town.  In the stop and go traffic, I really was concerned we were not going to make it home.  

I told the kids, "Okay, we have GOT to pray right now.  Dear God, PLEASE help us make it home safe.  Please help Cammie make it to our house without wrecking or breaking down on the side of the road.  Amen."

We make it home and I hop out of the car and start gathering all of our stuff up and Jay is sitting still.  Head down. 

"Jay, come on, let's get out...What are you doing?" 

"Mommy, we asked God to help us home and He did.  I'm thanking Him."

Wow.  ROCK my world little man.

That got me often I fall short here.  I'll start my morning in prayer for God to help me make it through the day.  I'll pray throughout the day for pretty much every one of the Fruits of the Spirit in no particular order, but a LOT of love, patience and the biggie SELF CONTROL...but when, by His help, He comes through for me and I make it through the day without physically, mentally or verbally harming anyone...Do I remember to THANK him?

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