Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rub 'n Buff (Take 2).

Sidebar:  After spending less than $500 Cammie is back up and running!  Yay!  Turns out she just wanted a little attention.  200k...here we come!  One of my many nicknames from JB is "hotrod" and I thought I'd really done a number on her due to my "hot" foot, but the mechanic actually said that she was looking REALLY good for a car with 175k miles (Gold Star!).  When I told my parents this, they were shocked and we had to explain that he meant under the hood, NOT the interior.  #immessy #mythreekidsaremessy #nofoodinthecarrulesneverlast #myparentsarenotmessy (I know that hashtags don't have a point here, but I just love 'em.)  

So after figuring out that Rub 'n Buff was really easy, I found this HUGE mirror at a yard sale for $20 and saw BIG possibility.

Before. (You can see where I have started a little bit on the left.)

Before.  She's lookin' rough.

After reading reviews online I used my fingers to do the rubbin'.  Proof that you can do this project a few weeks postpartum, in your bedroom floor, in a skirt, barefoot.

Side-by-Side Before and After

After.  What?!  Is this the same mirror?!

The reveal. Our dresser is BIG (and rarely this clean).  She's a perfect fit!

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