Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog colored glasses.

The danger in posting PRIOR to an event is that then you really notice that things aren't going the way that you pictured...and let's be honest...things don't EVER go as smoothly as you envision in your head.

So yesterday didn' t go quite as planned.  Betsy was home sick (Day 2, cold has morphed into pink eye) and she was driving me bonkers talking too much and touching EVERYTHING and EVERYONE with her infected fingers.  Of course I'm thinking, "I am so glad she's at school for half a day...because if didn't have my morning "breaks" (working!) then I would be an AWFUL mother."  Then I think how, "Maybe I AM an AWFUL mother just for thinking that?"...but it is true.  Guilt!

Justin texts me that we got our tax refund back and we will be able to pay off his truck.  YAY!  LITERALLY an hour later I'm headed out with a headache and three littles in the back doing something loud and Cammie (my Camry) is doing something that resembles a dry-heave.  Haven't heard back from the shop yet, but I have a feeling that it's not good.  It's like she was waiting for the truck to be paid off before she thoughtful of her, but we were planning on not having a payment for a couple years...This does not make us happy.

Get home and the kids are STARVING (they say), yet jacked up on Valentine candy...seems an oxymoron.  JB gets home and he's not feeling well now too.  The table is set special.  He says it nicely, but states that he doesn't feel like dressing up for a dinner in his own follow suit.  So that's that. 

My mom sent the kids an "open the card and a LOUD song plays".  It is "Lollipop, Lollipop, oh la la Lollipop".  Which they LOVE, but JB and I are obviously not in the mood for.  At one point JB says, "Betsy, if that card opens ONE more time you are eating in your room alone."  I back him up emphatically.

When the kids open their Valentine's treats I hear Betsy quietly say, "Is this ALL we get?".  I ignore it because I know that if I REALLY just heard that then I would have to march her to the children's shelter and have her hand over her loot (kicking and screaming) and I just don't have the energy for it.  You feeling the LOVE?

When I am looking at my world through "blog colored glasses" I've decided that I'm pretty much picking the ONE thing during a certain day that I pulled off.  My house may look like a bomb went kids are eating take-out chicken sibling just slapped another...and Lucy just had a near death experience because (you fill in the blank) but dang-it we did a "Heart Attack" and it was FUN!  You get the picture.

But that is just it.  That is our life as moms.  We get through the muck of our day and at the end we can sleep a little better if we just have ONE moment that makes us feel validated.

My ONE moment from yesterday's train wreck to follow...

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alecia said...

I adore you and your writing and honesty. Thank you!!