Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family LOVE Month.

**I get SO much encouragement from other mom-blogs!  I'm thrilled when I get ideas from them and they work in our home.  I hope that when I share ideas from our home, you feel the same way!**

When I saw this post on Family LOVE at POM I loved it!  I figured that with our Family Motto, February should be one of our favorite months!

Since I'm on a budget (more on that later) we have gotten creative.  

With nothing more than construction paper, painters tape, Dollar Tree items (including our class Valentines...Can I just say that I LOVE the Dollar Tree?!) and $1 Whitman Samplers from Target, we have really been spreading some love.

An English Muffin and a cookie cutter:  Instant "Love Muffin"!

A sharpie and a napkin:  Instant lunchbox love note!

We shopped our closet today for red and "heart" items to wear.  Jay picked a red collared shirt, Bet picked heart tights and Lucy had this adorable hand-me-down sweater (Thanks April!).

We did a Heart Attack one night:  Write one thing you love about everyone in the family (including Stoney and yourself).

Jay's compliment to himself.

Sweet message from Bet for me.  This one is definitely a keeper for me to look at when we are butting heads!
Love Messages (on our wall, in the mail, to our classmates):


 A few LOVE movies (Tonight we are watching Charlotte's Web.) and LOVE books off our bookshelves (Giving Tree, Love You Forever, etc.).  ...Pretty much any movie/book that makes you cry/FEEL something...

Snoopy Whitman's and suckers for pretty much everyone we see today.  My grandpa used to always give us Snoopy Whitman's...they always make me think of him.  Jay insisted that I go back and get more when I didn't have enough for all his related arts teachers and the bus driver...I did because I was SO thankful he was thinking of others.  After just a month and a half of "Be Kind" I feel like I'm getting somewhere with him...he can be SO selfish.

Father/Daughter Date.

LOVE verses.

Tonight we are going to have a special Love Feast and get all dressed up for a dinner of our favorite foods.  It's a meal we have often (minus the cookies), but now that I've talked it up, it has really become special.

JB-Bacon wrapped sirloins
Jay-Balsalmic asparagus
Betsy-Noodles with Parmesan Cheese and sprinkles
Mommy-Iced sugar cookies with Red Hot icing (I'm using icing from a jar.)

Why stop with Valentines Day when we can keep this lovin' going on all lunch dates, random acts of kindness, etc.  I showed the kids this video from LBB and they loved it!  Thought I'd pass it on.

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Johanna V. said...

Goal accomplished: I'm inspired by this mommy-blog. Love all those cute pictures and ideas. 71Toes is still my favorite blog (aside from yours, of course). Miss you! J