Thursday, February 21, 2013

Focus App...

I've shared about this app before, but I feel compelled to share again.

The Focus on the Family Broadcast app enriches my day SO much and these last couple weeks, the broadcasts have been SO good.  I listen when I'm out driving to an inspection...or driving to pick up the kids...or doing chores around the house.  They make me think.  They make me better.  A better wife.  A better mother.  I find myself jotting down SO many great quotes, notes and thoughts.

Today and tomorrow are Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 ministries.  A few months ago I participated in a small group and we read/discussed her book Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl.  I LOVED this book.  It made me laugh out loud SO many times.  It was so relate-able!  In her broadcast today (Handling Your Emotions) she shares an exact "explosion moment" that I shared back here.

Yesterday was Ann Kiemel.  She has an incredible story about the loss and pain she experienced when trying to have children.  Miscarriage after miscarriage until finally God sent her children to her through the gift of adoption.  I SOBBED for her and her empty nursery (I don't recommend listening to this one in your I did...).  I thanked God that my children came to me so easily.  Her story makes me think of my own sweet Betsy and how much she talks now about wanting to be a Mommy.  She LOVES babies SO much.  I think of how sad it would be if she was unable to have children.  It doesn't seem creepy anymore to me when I hear of a mother carrying a baby for her daughter, because if it came to that, I would do that for her.

Last Thursday and Friday was a Zig Ziglar segment that talked about Keeping Romance in Your Marriage.  I loved his analogy about not letting the devil "get a toe in".

Last Monday was Dr. Kevin Leman.  I REALLY like him.  He and John Rosemond have very similar no-nonsense parenting views.  One thing I took away from his recent broadcast was "If your children think they are the center of the universe, then where does that leave room for Almighty God?"  Wow.  Isn't that the truth!

Do you listen to these pod casts too?  If so, what has been the one that has impacted you?

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alecia said...

Thank you for sharing that app! I am loving it!!